Aug 26, 2014

Disney Frozen “Olaf” Snowman Donuts

Sprinkle Some Fun

Make these "Olaf" snowman treats for any party or specia treat.

  • 1 package of powdered mini donuts
  • Chocolate chips for buttons
  • Orange Mike n Ike candies for nose
  • Candy eyes (mine were made by Wilton)
  • Mini pretzel sticks for securing head and for arms
  • White chocolate candy melts
  • Chocolate candy melts
  1. Melt both white and chocolate melts separately according to the package. Put each one into it's own candy piping bag. Make a small opening in the bottom of the bag. Pipe out an Olaf head shape first onto one mini pretzel stick with the white chocolate on a piece of wax paper. immediately place eyes and orange Mike n Ike for the nose while the white chocolate is still soft. Next make eyebrows, hair and a mouth with the chocolate. Add teeth with the white chocolate last. Let these harden completely before the next step.
  2. Place 2 powdered donuts on top of each other and stick the "head" pretzel stick into the donut holes. Add chocolate chips for buttons and pretzel sticks for arms. Enjoy!

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