Couponing Basics

Couponing should not be a hectic, stressful, or shameful hobby because it’s not!  If you love to save money while spending, then you are at the right place!  Here we will provide you with additional tips and ideas for how to truly maximize your savings!

  1. Find a reliable source that will provide you with the best money saving deals and offers for the products you use and want.  Congratulations, since you are here at Coupon Insanity you have already found such a source!  Start clipping, start saving!  It’s that easy! 

  2. Subscribe to multiple Sunday papers!  Sunday papers often contain coupon inserts with great saving offers.  If you find that a particular paper offers really great deals and or has specific coupons you use on a regular basis, then order an additional copy to double your coupon bundle.  However only do this if the cost of the 2nd paper does not cost more than the savings you can obtain.

  3. Always join the loyalty program that stores offer because it’s free and then you will receive personalized discounts and coupons for the specific products you buy.  Some stores even offer dollar amounts off your next total purchase just for shopping with them and joining the loyalty program.  

  4. Find out what the coupon polices are for the stores you frequently shop.  Some stores only allow one coupon per order while others allow you to use multiple coupons even for on-sale merchandise!  It pay’s to know what you are allowed to use and how to save the most amount.

  5. Always be aware of the expiration dates of your coupons as well as the exclusions and limitations.  Most coupons contain an expiration date, so make sure you use them before the promotion ends.  Often times there are limitations outlined for the use of coupon, such as how many products you can buy or how many offers you can redeem with on purchase.  

  6. Be willing to shop at multiple stores to really save the most!  For example your local grocery store might be having a sale on diapers, while the convince store down the street is having a sale on shampoo!  When it comes to couponing, being loyal to one store can decrease your savings.

  7. Stock up when a good sale is happening to hold you over until the next great sale occurs!

  8. Follow your favorite brands on Facebook because they will often post offers and specific coupons for those come to their page.  Remember to check often so you wont miss out on those time sensitive deals!  

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